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Sneak peak of one of the two weddings this weekend!

A sneak peak from the second wedding last weekend! You could tell the groom was a photographer, because the location he chose was a dream come true to work in.

A sneak peak of one of Marina’s senior portrait sessions!

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Luke Bryan


Delicious Rental Goodness!

Guess what came in ‘le mail todaaaay! 

I’m renting a 50mm 1.2 for the next two and a half weeks for a wedding this weekend, and already it. is. incredible. 

I love my 50mm 1.8 to bits, but this… This is the grand Puma or lenses.

Manymanymanymanymany pictres to come!

a self portrait

taken today with the 50mm 1.2! The precision and sharpness on this thing absolutely blows my mind. And it’s only day two.image 

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