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Sneak peak of one of the two weddings this weekend!

For the last week, I rented the Canon 35mm 1.4 to shoot two weddings with. 

And. I. Fell. In. Love.

I decided to just dive in and pay the $100 to rent it, because it’s been my dream lens for months. Usually on gigs, I only have my 50mm 1.8, and as you might know, family portraits with the 50mm is a nightmare. But this lens. Ohh this lens! It was so perfect, It didn’t leave my camera all day. It was a dream for the family shots, and also doubled amazingly as a portrait lens with fabulous depth of field. 

So it was with much sadness that I returned it this week. It’s greatly missed. :(

But alas, 35mm, you will be mine when I am one day $1,500 richer!

A sneak peak from the second wedding last weekend! You could tell the groom was a photographer, because the location he chose was a dream come true to work in.

Sneak peak of today’s wedding!