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long exposure of the sky on new years eve!

Sneak peak of today’s wedding!


a self portrait

taken today with the 50mm 1.2! The precision and sharpness on this thing absolutely blows my mind. And it’s only day two.image 

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Delicious Rental Goodness!

Guess what came in ‘le mail todaaaay! 

I’m renting a 50mm 1.2 for the next two and a half weeks for a wedding this weekend, and already it. is. incredible. 

I love my 50mm 1.8 to bits, but this… This is the grand Puma or lenses.

Manymanymanymanymany pictres to come!

Luke Bryan


Anonymous said: Did you go to school for photography (stupid question)? because it's a passion of mine and I was maybe thinking of going to school for it? Basically do you have any suggestions or anything like that

I actually didn’t go to school for it! I learned everything I know from a group of really talented photographers on Flickr. It was a really great community to get started with because everybody there is learning from each other and willing to help. Some of the best that I learned from were Zack Ahern, Steven Sites, Rosie Hardy, Lauren Withrow, Katelyn Downs and Whitney Justesen (All f whom are seriously worth checking out). I also found some great photographers who based their business around the internet and blogging, like Jasmine Star. I don’t know how helpful that was, but I hope it was okay! 

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A sneak peak of one of Marina’s senior portrait sessions!

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Last night on the way home, there was the most amazing sunset. I ran into my house and gathered my remote, tripod and camera, and for the first time in months, went on my roof for self portraits. I learned everything I know about photography through a wide group of artists on flickr who specialized in self portraiture, so naturally that’s the work I started out doing. many dramatic pictures of myself and 3 failed 365 projects later, here I am. It was nice to go back to that place for a while last night.

Self portraits will always be healing.

Things I am obsessed with today:

Hunter Hayes’ cd.

The cowboy boots my dad bought me for graduation.

This weather.

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I’ve productively spent my Saturday night crocheting and watching sitcoms.

Sometimes I just really wish I weren’t so cool. 

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Have you felt it outside?

It. Is. Chilly. 

Florida is chilly. 

I’m so happy! This usually doesn’t happen until December! I celebrated the gorgeous weather with a pumpkin spice latte. And now my tummy is spicy and warm and happy and I will go sit outside until summer comes again. 

Our neighborhood cat (who’m I’ve appropriately named Barbara) is lovin’ it outside, too. :)


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A sneak peak from the second wedding last weekend! You could tell the groom was a photographer, because the location he chose was a dream come true to work in.